“Holiday Mashup!”

For this assignment I used a photo editing software like Fotoflexer.com to mashup up three of my top favorite holidays and cultural celebrations. My three favorite holidays include, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentines Day. All of three holidays are my favorite holidays, because you get to spread love tp people who care about or need to feel cared about to feel appreciated.. For this assignment I can use whatever elements I like from each holiday and create a character or scene with the images/symbols that I chosen. Also, I can tell a story behind this character or image that I chosen. Hope you enjoy!

Here’s my Mashup!

Combine all three holidays and you get all the love in one box. Get all three holidays and you get Thankchristentine!


“Best of Luck to Future DS106 Newcomers”

If you are taking Ds106 next semester/year. You have nothing to worry about. It is super fun and beneficial for your computer and logic skills. It guarantees a level of participation to stay actively involved in the Ds106 community and gives you the opportunity to be creative as you want to be. You will not be disappointed. My advice to the newcomers is that you do not procrastinate to the end of the week to turn in assignments. Also, do not get behind. However, It is a huge time commitment and a pretty fair workload if you are consistent with the work. Weekly creates are my favorite thing to do in the class. Its your way to be creative and expand your horizons. Be the best you can be. You are in good hands when it comes do Ds106, just make sure you do your part. Professor Paul Bond is one of the best instructors when it comes to Digital Storytelling, not just saying it. It’s a fact! Bond’s assignments are clear, cut, and precise. You will be satisfied definitely, hope you enjoy.

Good luck to everyone!





“Are You Ready For The Final Masterpiece?”

Let me say this semester was a rollercoaster. . A lot of good memories with my classmates and fun along the way. I really enjoyed my time being apart of DS106. My advice for the new ds106 students is suggested by clicking this, here:



My final project was broken down into four elements; Visual, Audio, Design and Video. I put in a lot of time into this project and I was disappointed by the watermark it left with publishing it. I figured out you had to pay extra to remove the watermark. However, I really had a blast creating all the sound effects for the project and incorporating the different media to make it look great. I kind of feel like I over-accomplished some things.

I learned how to design better and most of my project encompassed transitioning animations and changing the style of my film. The video aspect of my project is the slideshow I created. The thing I had trouble was the most was coming up with ideas for the project. I kept changing my thoughts, so it is completely different from what I expected. I love suspense and horror movies, so I decided to tell my own story. My images were apart of my design and I incorporated different filters and overlays on the pictures.  It was difficult and a long process, but it was worth it at the end. I used Wondershare Filmora to edit my video. I used YouTube to upload and embed it. It is pretty advanced so I used all the tools to my advantage.. I hope everyone enjoys my video and best of luck to those who plan to take it next semester/year.

-Mark Madison, Signing Out



“Week 10..In effect”

This week’s video’s assignments was a success. I first want to mention my ds 106 tutorial videos that I made for one of my assignment banks.  I had fun editing and making it look good, click the link to view my tutorial video of how to make ramen noodles. I had a blast! : http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/how-to/

I have realized in the past two weeks that one of my strengths or one thing I really enjoy doing is editing. My second assignment bank was about taking pictures and making a slideshow that describe my personality and the things I am interested in. This one took a long time to edit, but I got it done. Click the link to view it: http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/i-am-me/ My third assignment bank was about my Lip-Sync compilation of videos. You should check it out. The purpose of this assignment was to compile all your videos into one full video of Lip-singing. Here is the link to view it: http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/lip-sync-along-compilation/ I came to a total of 12 assignment stars, as needed. 1st one, 4. Second one 3.5. Third 4 stars.

The first daily create that I did was a Fork In the Road design. I am a very big visual person and I do favorite designing. My second daily create was making a mashup book title spell out a full sentence. This was creative in a way, because I absolutely hate books haha. However, I loved this weeks’ assignments, as always! My third daily create concluded Ds106’s very own rescue dog. When need in desperate help, give the dog a whistle.

Here is the link to my daily creates: http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/daily-creates-week-10/

Good week.

“Daily Creates.. Week 10”

“How To Make….”

For this video assignment I am making a tutorial video of how to make ramen noodles. For people who have not made ramen noodles, its a quick & easy process to demonstrate . This concept is ideal for college students who do not want to spend money on fast food every night after studying so they choose the easy way. I recommend this meal for everyone not subjected to only ‘college students”.


“I Am Me”

This video assignment is collection of photos that represent me.

I made a video that represents who I am.

For this assignment you could either talk about yourself, show pictures or show things that you like to do. I choose to add one of my favorite songs as the background music while the slideshow presents itself. The song that I choose was “Stairway to Heaven” by the O’jays. I choose this song because it makes me feel like I’m walking to water and that one day I will be when I’m holding Gods’ hand.

I also threw in some pictures that relate to my personality and what interest me. Hope you enjoy.

“Lip Sync Along Compilation..”

Lip-syncing has become increasingly popular and this is shown in the media. What was once frowned upon has now become a popular and fun way to sing along with your favorite song. Now’s my time to shine!

The purpose of this video assignment was to record yourself lip syncing along with your favorite song. However, I choose to do multiple songs.  You can record the video with the music playing in the background or silence the video and add the music to it in a movie maker program.

If you wish to do your own here’s the link to be crazy-wild: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/lip-sync-along/



Here is a compilation of  videos used to create one full video of me lip-singing to all my favorite songs.

I had a blast. I am the Lip-sync King!

“Day In the Life”…

In this assignment I took a video of what I did in one day. Whether it was going to hang out with friends, or going on a long trip with your family.  I took multiple videos and  comprise a video out of it with a song or soundtrack that represents the day. I was creative and if you ask my friends none of them would expect this type of behavior from my family or myself. Take a glimpse into what happens in my household. I used video editing from Inshot and Flipagram.

Hope you enjoy the product!

PSA: Some might be familiar to the MannequinChallenge


“Love is Something You Can’t Go a Day Without”

In this assignment, I made a video of myself doing my favorite hobby for 30 seconds to 1 minute. The video below shows me playing high school basketball. In my spare time I’m probably in a gym somewhere practicing on my skills.

Basketball is always my escape place.. so if you cant find me you’ll know what I’m doing. haha