“Applied What is Learned”

Analyzing a movie was quite difficult for me. It was hard to not use ‘and then” for the structure of the movie. I think I didn’t pretty well though. This assignment was by far the hardest of all so far.  I  trouble finding out how to do a voice over but, I learned the tools of IMovie to publish my video. It was my first time using IMovie and the tools were quite easy. The first tutorial I watched to show me how to do a voice over was a short tutorial and it made it a tad bit easier..some reason I still find like there an easier way to add an voice over, I’m not sure though. I did get used to it after a while. I think a voice over is really cool because you can hear the author’s perspective of the scene while also listening to the movie.

Here’s My Video:


I decided to make a video essay on “Friday”. I picked the scene I picked because their was a lot of action and movement happening in the scene. It was also quite funny to see Craig get caught by his girlfriend the way he did and didn’t know how to react. Overall, I had a good time learning about filmmaking and the different camerawork used to the create the mood of the environment.

Week 6 Radio Show Progress

First, I want to say that producing radio shows are so much fun. There are many ways one can be creativity while producing a radio show.

Progress for Week 6 went smoothly. I connected with 3 group members over via twitter and we exchanged are contact information to one another and quickly got started. We first started out with a brainstorm of ideas and published them in a Google Doc file. We suggested that the show should not be no longer than 30 minutes. My group included that we suggest to do 3 radio bumpers that benefit from the theme of DS106. We as a group, choose to do 3 break commercials in between the topics we would be conversing about. Our topics include, Trump tapes, Hurricane Matthew, clown sightings, and heroin in the public eye. We addressed questions to the audience about these stories and gave our opinions separately about the issues.

Below is our progress we planned from each other’s ideas:


“Week 14.. Progress 2 Final Project”

This week I finished about 2/4 of my project. I used the Audacity recording to create my upstream style video which is the masterpiece of my project. My video us over ten minutes which is longer than I kind of expected. Recordings of  yourself and your surroundings trying to make sure noises don’t ruin your sound production is quite challenging. Volume frequency is everything. I’m still working on the plot of my story, which is in a supernatural world with characters with superpowers. I thought doing a story was piece of cake but it is quite challenging. I am editing out certain scenes and working on the transitions. WHEW! However, I am thrilled to see how the final product will turn be! I am in the process of finding shift changers in my music or special effect scenes that can match with the video. Will see… To Be continued.