“My Daily Create Story”

There once was a young rapper named, Benny. He always had this dancing issue when every time he wore a new watch from his dad’s watch collection, he would do the “Benny Dance” (as people would described it). This dance was contagious because once a person saw this type of dance, the whole world would start doing it.  Benny wore a blue bandanna, a gold chain and blue skinny jeans. People referred to him as, “Benny with the Penny”.  Benny always competed with people for a cost of a penny. If he won the dance battle he would give away his penny.

One day, Benny came across a smoove guy named, Jimmy. Jimmy never lacked faith in his dance moves. He always moved freely and calmly in his step. He was so intimidating that when he walked into the same environment as Benny he would rip Benny’s confidence away easily. It was like stealing candy from a baby for Jimmy! Jimmy would rip Benny’s pennies from Benny like a loose belt loop.

Do you want to know what Benny did to Jimmy after he lost all his pennies? Tune in next time, for the chapter that will ruin all of your penny wishes!

To be continued….



“DS106 Best Talents”

Where do I start, there are so many talents hidden and there’s plenty of Daily Creates that grab my eye, but only three can come out on top…

1st Place ( Gold ) :

Being able to draw a face in a couch was probably the most creative thing I have seen. Brianna definitely deserves number one. I like how it’s looks like the Billionaire Boys Club clothing brand logo. I don’t know if she meant to draw it the same as the logo, but it’s unique in a way.

2nd Place ( Silver ):

Briana just keeps winning, I love her creativeness. This Daily Create deserves to be in the Ds106 WallOfFame. The goal was to tag a picture where a bird had human arms. This picture definitely depicts much. It is kind of humorous of the caption she created to go along with the picture. It looks like the duck is rapping by the gesture of its hand posture.

3rd Place ( Bronze ) :

Goes to… Alyssa Macaranas. This is a great way of portraying an random act of Kindness. This picture is symbolized as the problem with today’s world. There isn’t a lot of opposite ethnical groups joining hands together or being involved with each other.  We pretend to be dominant over each other.

“Week 7 & Completion”

For week 7, I had to complete my radio show, blog post my radio show process and progress, comment on peoples work and complete two daily creates. Below are my two daily creates:



I got help from the UMW digital Knowledge Center when it came to audio editing. They helped a lot me and my group members meet every day of the week (mornings too) to make our radio show the best ever. The process of making this radio show was merging all our ideas. First, brainstorming our ideas about what topics and conclusions we can add in the show. Next, was just coming together and making a structured model of what our show will consist off. After that, was picking a day where we can record our radio show. Next, we as a group had portions were we needed to edit our recordings off of Audacity. Lastly, we revised our project and added the things we needed it too make it just a little bit energetic. Our bumpers brought the light to the show. The many different sound effect really created the environment of the show. Overall, it was a fun and challenging process. We all enjoyed  being hosts of our own Radio Show!




Group members included:

Anna, Alvin,Zach,Mark








“Daily Creates, Week 6 & 7”

Week 5….Off to Sail.

This week was entertaining and eventful! I enjoyed a lot learning about movie titles and the creativeness that comes with graphic designs. First, starting off with the daily creates. I did three of them. Here are the links:


Next, I thought it was very insightful on the information I learned about Bengiuat’s and Vigenill’s career. I feel they are both great graphic designer’s and have both culturally impacted today’s world. The are icons in the making. If you would like to read on my reflection on both artist’s careers, feel free. Here is the link: (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/if-you-can-design-one-thing-you-can-design-everything-massimo-vignelli/) Also, here is the link to my reflection on Kleon’s booklet, “Show Your Work!”:


Moving on to the assignment back. I had a fun time working with the different tools of editing. I used Fotoflexer.com for the most part to design my photos and designs. I found it pretty easy to use. I concluded with 12 stars with 4 assignments. Check out my unique designs I chose to create:




4. (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/long-distance-relationship/)

Lastly, my DesignBlitz! I found this assignment was fairly easy. I enjoyed picking pictures from the Stanton Library of Posters and Ad’s that came across my eye. I downloaded the pictures off my iPhone and shared them to Flickr. Check out my designblitz: (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/designblitz-ready-set-go/)

As far as Commenting, I left a couple comments on some ds 106 users’ blogs and received a lot of comments from various people, Matt Froelick, Emily Adkins.