“A Little Motivation for Friday from “Friday””


Here’s a little humor for reality. People who have not seen this movie is quite a laugh. I love this movie because it relates a lot to where I am from and the same level of absurdity that comes from my friends is ridiculous. I choose to quote a line from the movie “Friday”, and post it the line from the movie onto the picture of the movie, “Friday”. As you look at the picture you can see both of the characters faces engaging in a shocked reaction to a certain moment. Well… this moment happens to be when they see a person of whom they know get punched in a face by a convicted person. During the moment while watching the movie it can be really funny but, snapping back into reality I came to realize it teaches me something…When all said is done you can either get up when life knocks you down or you can stay down. “It’s not about how hard you can get hit, but how you can get hit and keep moving forward”, (as the famous Rocky Balboa states). So what will you choose to do when life happens to you? Overall, making this quote creation was simply easy. I customized my photo using FotoFlexer, making it easy for me to design the photo. If you would like to choose one of your favorite movie quotes and customize it also you can. Here’s the link: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/favorite-movie-quote/  

“Kip is What They Call Him”



So there’s this guy name Kip. Kip Johnson is what they call him. He competes all over the world in competitions known as “The World’s Strongest Man”. Kip is a cool, athletic, individual and very active when it comes to being fit in the gym. He won his first title in 2013 in Sanya, China representing his hometown Atlanta, Georgia. Everywhere he goes he is flattered by the ladies. I chose to generate Kip because he is a lot like myself. I love being fit and keeping  a high standard when it comes to my health. I created the name Kip, because that was my nickname in middle school. For those who want to create their own character and challenge themselves to be creative go ahead! Here is the link to the original website: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/creating-your-own-character/



Eyes: Blue

Race: Caucasian

Age: 26

Religion/Spirituality: Christian

Height: 6’4

Weight: 280



Very outgoing, Extroverted, Stubborn at times believes in mostly himself that’s why he believes the reason he is where he is at now, Nice, Attractive, Open-minded, Very optimistic, Ambitious, Smart, Conceited, Funny


Likes: Gummy Bears, Color Aqua, Exotic Cars, Coffee, Traveling, Weight-lifting, Strawberry cookies

Dislikes: Loud arrogant people, Chocolate Ice-cream, French Fries, Waiting in long lines

Kip is not your average person. Actually, he is totally opposite. Ok, he is out of this world! In a good way though. Kip is a strong-shouldered, male who grew up in Paris, Italy. He recently moved to Atlanta, Georgia and enjoys living the U.S. Ever since high school, he has been picked on by his oddly structured body. Not everyone likes Kip, because of his overly-confident personality. Kip basically lives in the weight room making young, smaller, men look like ants compared to himself. Kip thrives himself of hard work and dedication. After high school, Kip went to Geneva College to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Business. Kip has no mother or father due to both parents experiencing an heart-ackening death in a car crash. By this happening, Kip goes to church often and prays everyday to become better each day. He knows his parents are watching him above. Kip’s purpose in life is to start his own training business and help younger kids reach their goals in becoming fit.

“A Logic Named Joe: The 1946 sci-fi short that nailed modern tech.”

What do you make of the relationship between the vision the author had and the reality of the modern Internet?

The relationship between the vision the author had and the reality of the modern internet is that Leinster had made a machine that would likely be smarter than humans, but the reality today is that the internet works accurately when we want to search anything we want to discover. Society has made technology a primary reference or Go-To, when people want to understand something.

What is the “digital” in digital storytelling?

I relate to traditional storytelling in a new medium. I am very old-fashioned to the customs and traditions I’ve been grown into during my childhood. During my middle school days, technology was not as advance as it is now.  From reading Chapter 4, “Web 2.0 Storytelling”, I learned how blogging works and how it is similar to diary entries.  When you write in diary, one mainly expresses his or hers feelings in a reflective manner.  Blogging is alike how diaries are arranged by the form of content. Telling stories or stating how a individual feels during a moment is a way how the creation of a story starts out.  I see digital as being different in storytelling by the way it is accessible to people who are social on media platforms. It allows the reader to subscribe to blogs at any moment he or she wishes: “Blogging makes the time structure more vivid by mapping it onto the readers time schedule.”

“Exploring the Internet in Different Ways”

I describe the internet as a software you can explore and discover information that comes to your mind that you would like to have knowledge about.  You have the ability to search for things you want to learn about. You have the right to make things private or public or not  personalize any work you choose to create.

  1. What will we do if the world did not have any Internet?
  2. Do you think it would be harder to communicate or not? Why?

Kleon’s Book Reactions

Kleon’s ten points he mentions in, “10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered: Lessons from my book ‘Show Your Work!”, can relate to life’s inspirations and can be beneficial in the journey of learning more about digital storytelling. “Think process, not product”, is my favorite point that represent me and speaks to me the most. Much of the time, I think people can get caught up in the moment of life and not respect the process. People’s eyes can sometimes focus so much on the end-product that they do not understand how long the process can take.  An individual can false assume the reality of someone’s life and misinterpret the journey or process it took for them to get there.  I recommend to all UMW students to read Austin Kleon’s post. It can change your habits and standards!