Week One Summary

One word, Phewww! It’s been a long journey of learning #DS106 for myself. I have made many mistakes, but we are now here at the end of the first week of the fall 2016 semester. It has been enjoyable and challenging so far in digital storytelling. I’m very satisfied. This week’s experience has been harder than I thought. I had to stay up late night trying to figure out how to create blogs, making sure I did not make any unnecessary domains, and make sure I correctly download WordPress.com. One memorable experience I’ve gained so far that was significant for me was, learning how to embed media and images to my blog. This is the link to my first link to my twitter account: http://embracethegift.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=46&action=edit . It was eye-opening learning how to do such-a-thing.  I found that also to be the most challenging for me to do. Figuring out how to blog my YouTube video was awesome! I was creative in learning how to add music to the video while the video continued to play. Here is the link for my YouTube blog:  http://embracethegift.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=5&action=edit . One thing that drove me super duper crazy, was recognizing that I had to install WordPress onto my website rather than downloading WordPress and making a new domain. It frustrated me, because I could not comprehend the instructions well enough to understand what was being asked. However, when I got help at the Digital Knowledge Center the little information I needed to move forward was cleared up. Working with Flickr was fascinating and one of the easy parts of the assignment. I posted 5 pictures to my camera roll and favored all of them. I love art. Here’s the link to my Flickr blog: http://embracethegift.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=20&action=edit . As far as Soundcloud, I did not know you can record your voice on the computer and upload it to you blog. Very interesting! Here is the link to my Soundcloud blog: http://embracethegift.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=27&action=edit .  Lastly, the thing I enjoyed the most was customizing my website and having a little fun at the end, playing with the different widgets and themes. Overall, my experience was captivating. I felt like I learned plenty of tools to help me create a blog successfully.