Creativity Module #1 DGST 101

Fun fact: There are 23 letters in the Latin alphabet

Over these two weeks of discovering what GIFs are and where they originated from I gained a love and hate for them. I love the way one can use them as a communicating mechanism, but at the same time they can be a bit annoying to see them constantly as a way people try to communicate non-verbally. I have a group chat that I am in with 4 other people and I observe GIFs being used as a way to communicate with sarcasm, humor, or soft talk. However, let me take you down a time line of my GIF creations, this week.

The biggest challenge I had was creating GIF 4 and GIF 5 in the digital media center. I had difficulties uploading, designing, and finalizing these GIFs using the application “Final Cut Pro” on the computer. It took a substantial amount of time editing these GIFs then what I expected. I found Idrissa and myself becoming frustrated on brainstorming different strategies on finalizing GIFs 4 & 5 so they could turn out to be exactly what we hoped for.

January 28, My first Meme GIF:

January 30th, My 2nd Gif, Anime Gif

January 30th, My 3rd GIF, Loop GIF:

February 1st, My 4th GIF:

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

February 1st, My 5th Gif:

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