Digital Scholarship

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Fun fact: Cyber criminals have developed 20% of viruses

Digital technology is evolving. The increasing ease of use, availability, and sophistication of software used for evaluating and analyzing texts has also changed the way some scholars approach and communicate their findings within many different areas. While working on this module, I used Kuma to analyze, discover, or explain something about my human experience with college.

I used HTML to code a web-based essay that communicates the findings of that analysis.

I used as one of my HTML resource tools and it led me to discover how to incorporate text paragraphs, different CSS font, and how to do shorthand margin property for my website. The three images I used was from my freshman year, sophomore, and junior years.

Overall, this is what I completed with CSS.

Published by Mark

Hello my fellow explorers, my name is Mark Madison. I do not have a nickname, other then in middle school. My favorite color is turquoise and I have two siblings. I currently attend the University of Mary Washington studying Computer Science as a sophomore. I am one of those people who cannot decide what to get at a vending machine. I like meeting new people and I hope you learn many things about me.

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