Investigating the History of GIFs

Hey bloggers, I decided to do my creativity module on Animated GIFS for DGST 101 class. Working on this creativity module, I plan to discover how GIFS became a popular resource for people to utilize in this current generation of time. The end product I hope to produce from my research and creativeness is how GIFS are used as a resource for people to express their emotions and what different ways I can produce my own concept of GIFS.

I became very intrigued by GIFS once I learned about the design and history of the GIF format. Steve Wilhite, became one of the very first inventers of GIF format in 1987. The creation of GIFS became a communication mechanism over time to express a thought, idea, or impression. Cory Archangel’s invented the notorious Super Mario Clouds, which was one of the most iconic animated GIFs today. One fun fact, I learned about Gifs, was that they were not made with artistic intent, but designed by artists who found artistic interest in them.

Some knowledge that I want to share from learning about GIFS is what the current legal status of the GIF patent and how it was changed over the years. The usage of Gifs and what makes a GIF fairly useable for users is based on 2 general concepts. First, one has to get written releases from the copyright holder and actors who appear in the GIF. Secondly, one must get consent, that way people will need to ask for permission to share content.

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