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My group and I had a task in hand of learning about the culture module in DGST 101, We decided as a group to look at the “Internet of Things” and explore the various amount of differential devices that are linked to the data explorer. IOT expresses basically, the importance of the conception of how does the internet benefits or hinder the way people live their lives currently. The internet of things looks at topics such as daily living, security, and work to name a few. As the internet grows, it has begun to encompass many more aspects of our lives. Which, offers the idea of what could this do for our lives in the future, will it be beneficial or detrimental. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the increasing number of devices that can connect to the Internet and communicate with each other. While the Internet began as a series of computers connecting to other computers, it has expanded to connect smartphones and has continued to connect increasing numbers of devices beyond dedicated computing machinery. The IoT encompasses such connected devices as smart refrigerators, thermostats, lights, interactive speakers, and security systems in our homes, as well as manufacturing robots, automated inventory trackers, and remote sensors, to personal wearables and vehicles
For the culture project, we decided it was best to divide up the work between our group members to let for more accurate research and allow for an ample amount of time to be given to each section.

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