Does Soy Feminize Males?

For my Digital polarization project, my fellow group members had a question proposed to us, “Does soy make men more feminine?”

I came up with how the prevalence and origin of this topic was discovered and our group came up with what the term “Soy Boy,” is defined as. We learned that it is often used in this discourse, has a negative connotation, and is used for insulting males who have a non-athletic physique and consume soy and its meaning comes from the pseudo-scientific claim that soy contains estrogens. The term originates from far-leftists media and has gained popularity on social media platforms. My group, consisting of four other people, decided to focus on the question, “Does soy make men more feminine?” for our Digital Polarization project. My group explored that soy does not particularly make men more feminine. Web Literacy assisted our understanding what it means of going “upstream” towards the sources that we analyzed. We started with a video on YouTube called, “The Truth About Soy Boys,” which helped to create the original term “soy boy. My group then watched a video called, “SOY BOYS: A MEASURED RESPONSE,” which discussed all of the inaccuracies of the previous video, being stocked full of conspiracy and fabricated content. This response video was well researched and contained factual information that helped us to move “upstream” as well as to check our work in terms of research. We were able to go through several other videos and online information that aided us in our learning journey. Even by searching the simple phrase, “Does soy make men more feminine?” we were able to discover necessary sources for our Digital Polarization project. My focus for this project was to meet outside of class with my group members to research our topic in the Simpson Library and we found ourselves using up 4 hours to do research and watching videos that debunked this topic. Overall, this was exciting project to work with and discover the perspective of what people think about Soy.

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