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Fun Fact:
In 1980, the first hard disk was made to cover only 1GB of data and it was priced/rated of $40,000 means forty thousand dollars and its weighed was 550 pounds.

Hello everyone, I am apart of group 12 and we have completed our culture module on the “Internet of things” Mentioned in my previous post, our group chose different things about the qualities of the Internet of Things to explore. The options we came up with were privacy, security, social effects, and accessibility. We decided to create a shared Google Drive folder here in which we posted our research. I did my half of research on the security, of IoT and it was very interesting. My role that I primarily focused on the security part of the group task assignment. It was a bit difficult to research because the companies themselves were not easily accessible to announce there security concerns about the internet and reflect on the issues of how much privacy users have. As I researched, I began to form the opinion that Amazon and Google companies have some of the best security privacy settings, especially, Apple Inc. I believe that IoT will continue to push the boundaries of what is considered to be acceptable when it comes to the invasion of privacy as much as is allowed. The main sources I used was Forbes and Industry40Today. Overall, I think our final project could have been a little more interactive. We wanted to have separate encyclopedia-like entries, but looking at the final result, I would’ve liked it all put together with pictures and perhaps an another element of technology.

This week of DGST 101 was a good wrap of this second module, I look forward to what other interesting digital studies we can learn about.

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It’s somewhat unrelated, but I feel like the video below is a good wrap-up.

Here is an article, I thought would be interesting for a good read for everyone, wrapping up this week about Iot.


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