“Please, Someone Call The police NOW!”

There once was a fellow named David who would never hear the other end of the cell phone again… Be prepared for the ultimate twist of the horror. You will be confused. That’s the point.



In the city of Lime-town no one is safe… Welcome to my Introductory Lime-town Crime Audio! Featured by Mark Madison.

My effects included in this story pretty much were layered by the sounds of my day, including different sound effects from  FreeSound.org. I cut and edit my sounds in Audacity.

This story took me a while to narrate and come up with the different transitions in the short audio. I hope you enjoy listening to the dramatic effects and various sounds of evil.

If you would like to be the victim of your own story and create your own audio,  I suggest you visit here: (http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/please-someone-call-the-police/)

“Sound Effect Story, Beware If not Aware”

Meet Elizabeth, a 22 year-old female who happened to be a witness of an paranormal activity occurrence while walking in her neighborhood at night. No one knows where Elizabeth is now. Ambulance and police officers discovered her body 4 years after the incident. Do you know where she could be?

The sound effects I used in order were:

1.  A door knock

2. Footsteps and Puddles

3. Creepy sound monster

4. girl running panicking

5. Car crash

If you would like to create your own sound effects, visit here: (http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/sound-effects-story/)

“The Finest Station in the World..#DS106radio!”

I had super fun creating this bumper! I felt like an actual Radio Host. It is really easy to upload files to soundcloud.com once you record your files on Audacity. I feel really comfortable working with Audacity. Its real easy to use.

If you wish to create your own radio bumper, visit here: (http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/creat-a-ds106-radio-bumper/)