If you can design one thing, you can design everything”

They’re many benefits to taking a first step to something you are a brand new too. As individuals we will not know what we are good at if we do not attempt to try. Massimo Vignelli and Ed Benguiat are two great examples of pursuing their careers in graphic designing. Typography had been in Benguiat’s family, but he had no intentions that he would be a graphic designer. Same with Vignelli, studying architecture in his early life. Both graphic designers have become one of the top designers in the world, just by taking a small step for what they are passionate about.

Reflecting on Ed Benguiat’s career, it amazes by the work he has done and how far he has got in life by his passion for designing fonts. Did you know he created the Ford Trucks logo? His astonishing work ethic has lead him to be suggested to design major movie titles and logos for huge companies. An advice tip that I received from Benguiat’s read, “Stranger Things”: (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/on-demand/0/stranger-things-meet-the-design-genius-behind-tvs-most-talked-ab/)  is that an individual can have all the talent in the world, but if one does nor have the ability to innately do it because they love it, it will never become a skill to their craft.

Reflecting upon Vignelli’s short booklet, I learned the key intangibles in order for a design to represent creativeness and be successful: Those elements are good Semantics, Syntactics, Discipline, Appropriateness, Ambiguity, and Visual Power.

I learned that you not every artist has the same style and its recognizable to recognize an artist by their unique style. Vignelli and Benguiat both have diverse styles. Massimo’s is a bit traditional and Benguiat is more modern. Benguiat’s artwork interests me more than Vignelli’s.