“Applied What is Learned”

Analyzing a movie was quite difficult for me. It was hard to not use ‘and then” for the structure of the movie. I think I didn’t pretty well though. This assignment was by far the hardest of all so far.  I  trouble finding out how to do a voice over but, I learned the tools of IMovie to publish my video. It was my first time using IMovie and the tools were quite easy. The first tutorial I watched to show me how to do a voice over was a short tutorial and it made it a tad bit easier..some reason I still find like there an easier way to add an voice over, I’m not sure though. I did get used to it after a while. I think a voice over is really cool because you can hear the author’s perspective of the scene while also listening to the movie.

Here’s My Video:


I decided to make a video essay on “Friday”. I picked the scene I picked because their was a lot of action and movement happening in the scene. It was also quite funny to see Craig get caught by his girlfriend the way he did and didn’t know how to react. Overall, I had a good time learning about filmmaking and the different camerawork used to the create the mood of the environment.

Week 6 Radio Show Progress

First, I want to say that producing radio shows are so much fun. There are many ways one can be creativity while producing a radio show.

Progress for Week 6 went smoothly. I connected with 3 group members over via twitter and we exchanged are contact information to one another and quickly got started. We first started out with a brainstorm of ideas and published them in a Google Doc file. We suggested that the show should not be no longer than 30 minutes. My group included that we suggest to do 3 radio bumpers that benefit from the theme of DS106. We as a group, choose to do 3 break commercials in between the topics we would be conversing about. Our topics include, Trump tapes, Hurricane Matthew, clown sightings, and heroin in the public eye. We addressed questions to the audience about these stories and gave our opinions separately about the issues.

Below is our progress we planned from each other’s ideas:


“Final Project Ideas? Outline”

Four Categories I’m using:

  • Visual – editing pics
  • Design – editing background
  • Audio – recorded files
  • (Writing or Video), not sure yet.

My Ideas:

Creating a presentation or slideshow that’s going to involve a story that tells from a visual view dealing with a slideshow or collage, a design view with pictures, an audio, view narrating the story and an writing view that tells the resolution of the end of the story.

My characters will include fictional cartoons and non-fictional humans..

I will create a setting based in a superficial world with supernatural objects and creatures.

The plot will be 2 main characters whose mission is to find their purpose and end up teaching a life lesson to the audience.

This story will be relate to my life and be authentic, but supernatural at the same time.

Introduction : will be some sort of flashback from the present times.

Climax: Unknown yet.





Week 9

For week 9 progress was great. I enjoyed learning a lot about filmmaking and the tools to make a movie great. There is a lot of different camerawork that filmmakers use to produce the angles of the movie. There is a lot of terminology in movie production. I can’t keep up with all the terms. There is way too many words. I had to complete 2 daily creates this week, comment on people’s work and do 12 stars worth of assignments from the assignment bank.

Check out my daily creates, click the link to view them:  http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/daily-creates-week-9/


12 stars of video assignments were a little easy to make because video editing comes second nature to me being a computer science major. Below are my weekly assignments, click the link to view them:





Reading Roger Ebert’s How the Read a Movie to get some basics of film analysis was great learning about. The following are part of Tony Zhou’s great series, Every Frame a Painting in which he analyzes details of film making was worth watching and observing how films work.

An interesting point about all of these is that they are about design. The technique these directors use are phenomenal.


“How it ALL began”

So this assignment, is basically offering to tell some more stories, fictional or real…

The goal of this post is to create a blog on your website that goes into detail how a group came together. You have the option to talk about motives behind joining forces, real or fictional. This can be serious or comedic, have fun!

So lets dive in.

It all started in the year 2006, ten years ago precisely. There were three boys who were all like brothers to one another. Marcus, Kendrick, and Mark. These three boys all lived in the same neighborhood. You could call ’em a crew basically. Everything these boys did they did together. They never left each other hanging and you could never ketch them away from each other for a long period of time. In the neighborhood, “Crestwood” was a family. Kids would play all day until the street lights came on, and Mother or Father would yell the names of their children to come inside. Mosquitoes were out, and the sun would set just right that would let the neighborhood know today was a productive, fun day. The ice-cream truck would snooze pass the block at times, and cookouts were always available for friends and family in the neighborhood. Anything outside of Crestwood seemed foreign to Mark, Kendrick, and Marcus. There would be days, when all the three boys did was play video games, laugh and joke about childish things and play tackle football in the backyard of Mark’s house. The three boys grew up into childhood with one another and never went without a day without being loyal to one another..

Years passed, and now “The Crew” had bigger things to brag about. The three boys were in high school and life meant more than just having fun all the time. The crew started to separate by each of the boys attending different high schools. Kendrick moved to Suffolk, Virginia, but Mark and Marcus went to the same high school and stayed living in the neighborhood. Things went completely opposite, as the three boys rarely talked to another and the only relationship that was really solid was Kendrick’s and Mark’s. Marcus did his own thing, being a little bit older than the rest.

Long story short, The three boys now don’t have any communication between each other and haven’t seen each other since high school.

“Pinterest it or blend it”

The goal was to use Pinterest and create a board with your ideal Dream House. I had no problem completing this assignment. I created a pin for my ideal bathroom, garden, kitchen, backyard and living room. I pinned a few different pictures of light tan curtains cabinets that I liked as well as a kitchen scenery. My favorite color is blue so you wont be surprised by the color usage. This was one of my favorite assignments and I look forward to using Pinterest in the near future.

This assignment was 4 star credible.


Here is the link to the original assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/create-your-own-room/


“DS106 Best Talents”

Where do I start, there are so many talents hidden and there’s plenty of Daily Creates that grab my eye, but only three can come out on top…

1st Place ( Gold ) :

Being able to draw a face in a couch was probably the most creative thing I have seen. Brianna definitely deserves number one. I like how it’s looks like the Billionaire Boys Club clothing brand logo. I don’t know if she meant to draw it the same as the logo, but it’s unique in a way.

2nd Place ( Silver ):

Briana just keeps winning, I love her creativeness. This Daily Create deserves to be in the Ds106 WallOfFame. The goal was to tag a picture where a bird had human arms. This picture definitely depicts much. It is kind of humorous of the caption she created to go along with the picture. It looks like the duck is rapping by the gesture of its hand posture.

3rd Place ( Bronze ) :

Goes to… Alyssa Macaranas. This is a great way of portraying an random act of Kindness. This picture is symbolized as the problem with today’s world. There isn’t a lot of opposite ethnical groups joining hands together or being involved with each other.  We pretend to be dominant over each other.

“Week 7 & Completion”

For week 7, I had to complete my radio show, blog post my radio show process and progress, comment on peoples work and complete two daily creates. Below are my two daily creates:



I got help from the UMW digital Knowledge Center when it came to audio editing. They helped a lot me and my group members meet every day of the week (mornings too) to make our radio show the best ever. The process of making this radio show was merging all our ideas. First, brainstorming our ideas about what topics and conclusions we can add in the show. Next, was just coming together and making a structured model of what our show will consist off. After that, was picking a day where we can record our radio show. Next, we as a group had portions were we needed to edit our recordings off of Audacity. Lastly, we revised our project and added the things we needed it too make it just a little bit energetic. Our bumpers brought the light to the show. The many different sound effect really created the environment of the show. Overall, it was a fun and challenging process. We all enjoyed  being hosts of our own Radio Show!




Group members included:

Anna, Alvin,Zach,Mark








“Daily Creates, Week 6 & 7”