“Best of Luck to Future DS106 Newcomers”

If you are taking Ds106 next semester/year. You have nothing to worry about. It is super fun and beneficial for your computer and logic skills. It guarantees a level of participation to stay actively involved in the Ds106 community and gives you the opportunity to be creative as you want to be. You will not be disappointed. My advice to the newcomers is that you do not procrastinate to the end of the week to turn in assignments. Also, do not get behind. However, It is a huge time commitment and a pretty fair workload if you are consistent with the work. Weekly creates are my favorite thing to do in the class. Its your way to be creative and expand your horizons. Be the best you can be. You are in good hands when it comes do Ds106, just make sure you do your part. Professor Paul Bond is one of the best instructors when it comes to Digital Storytelling, not just saying it. It’s a fact! Bond’s assignments are clear, cut, and precise. You will be satisfied definitely, hope you enjoy.

Good luck to everyone!