“DS106 Best Talents”

Where do I start, there are so many talents hidden and there’s plenty of Daily Creates that grab my eye, but only three can come out on top…

1st Place ( Gold ) :

Being able to draw a face in a couch was probably the most creative thing I have seen. Brianna definitely deserves number one. I like how it’s looks like the Billionaire Boys Club clothing brand logo. I don’t know if she meant to draw it the same as the logo, but it’s unique in a way.

2nd Place ( Silver ):

Briana just keeps winning, I love her creativeness. This Daily Create deserves to be in the Ds106 WallOfFame. The goal was to tag a picture where a bird had human arms. This picture definitely depicts much. It is kind of humorous of the caption she created to go along with the picture. It looks like the duck is rapping by the gesture of its hand posture.

3rd Place ( Bronze ) :

Goes to… Alyssa Macaranas. This is a great way of portraying an random act of Kindness. This picture is symbolized as the problem with today’s world. There isn’t a lot of opposite ethnical groups joining hands together or being involved with each other.  We pretend to be dominant over each other.