“Final Project Ideas? Outline”

Four Categories I’m using:

  • Visual – editing pics
  • Design – editing background
  • Audio – recorded files
  • (Writing or Video), not sure yet.

My Ideas:

Creating a presentation or slideshow¬†that’s going to involve a story that tells from a visual view dealing with a slideshow or collage, a design view with pictures, an audio, view narrating the story and an writing view that tells the resolution of the end of the story.

My characters will include fictional cartoons and non-fictional humans..

I will create a setting based in a superficial world with supernatural objects and creatures.

The plot will be 2 main characters whose mission is to find their purpose and end up teaching a life lesson to the audience.

This story will be relate to my life and be authentic, but supernatural at the same time.

Introduction : will be some sort of flashback from the present times.

Climax: Unknown yet.