“Are You Ready For The Final Masterpiece?”

Let me say this semester was a rollercoaster. . A lot of good memories with my classmates and fun along the way. I really enjoyed my time being apart of DS106. My advice for the new ds106 students is suggested by clicking this, here:



My final project was broken down into four elements; Visual, Audio, Design and Video. I put in a lot of time into this project and I was disappointed by the watermark it left with publishing it. I figured out you had to pay extra to remove the watermark. However, I really had a blast creating all the sound effects for the project and incorporating the different media to make it look great. I kind of feel like I over-accomplished some things.

I learned how to design better and most of my project encompassed transitioning animations and changing the style of my film. The video aspect of my project is the slideshow I created. The thing I had trouble was the most was coming up with ideas for the project. I kept changing my thoughts, so it is completely different from what I expected. I love suspense and horror movies, so I decided to tell my own story. My images were apart of my design and I incorporated different filters and overlays on the pictures.  It was difficult and a long process, but it was worth it at the end. I used Wondershare Filmora to edit my video. I used YouTube to upload and embed it. It is pretty advanced so I used all the tools to my advantage.. I hope everyone enjoys my video and best of luck to those who plan to take it next semester/year.

-Mark Madison, Signing Out



“Week 10..In effect”

This week’s video’s assignments was a success. I first want to mention my ds 106 tutorial videos that I made for one of my assignment banks.  I had fun editing and making it look good, click the link to view my tutorial video of how to make ramen noodles. I had a blast! : http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/how-to/

I have realized in the past two weeks that one of my strengths or one thing I really enjoy doing is editing. My second assignment bank was about taking pictures and making a slideshow that describe my personality and the things I am interested in. This one took a long time to edit, but I got it done. Click the link to view it: http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/i-am-me/ My third assignment bank was about my Lip-Sync compilation of videos. You should check it out. The purpose of this assignment was to compile all your videos into one full video of Lip-singing. Here is the link to view it: http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/lip-sync-along-compilation/ I came to a total of 12 assignment stars, as needed. 1st one, 4. Second one 3.5. Third 4 stars.

The first daily create that I did was a Fork In the Road design. I am a very big visual person and I do favorite designing. My second daily create was making a mashup book title spell out a full sentence. This was creative in a way, because I absolutely hate books haha. However, I loved this weeks’ assignments, as always! My third daily create concluded Ds106’s very own rescue dog. When need in desperate help, give the dog a whistle.

Here is the link to my daily creates: http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/daily-creates-week-10/

Good week.

“Final Project Ideas? Outline”

Four Categories I’m using:

  • Visual – editing pics
  • Design – editing background
  • Audio – recorded files
  • (Writing or Video), not sure yet.

My Ideas:

Creating a presentation or slideshow that’s going to involve a story that tells from a visual view dealing with a slideshow or collage, a design view with pictures, an audio, view narrating the story and an writing view that tells the resolution of the end of the story.

My characters will include fictional cartoons and non-fictional humans..

I will create a setting based in a superficial world with supernatural objects and creatures.

The plot will be 2 main characters whose mission is to find their purpose and end up teaching a life lesson to the audience.

This story will be relate to my life and be authentic, but supernatural at the same time.

Introduction : will be some sort of flashback from the present times.

Climax: Unknown yet.





Week 9

For week 9 progress was great. I enjoyed learning a lot about filmmaking and the tools to make a movie great. There is a lot of different camerawork that filmmakers use to produce the angles of the movie. There is a lot of terminology in movie production. I can’t keep up with all the terms. There is way too many words. I had to complete 2 daily creates this week, comment on people’s work and do 12 stars worth of assignments from the assignment bank.

Check out my daily creates, click the link to view them:  http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/daily-creates-week-9/


12 stars of video assignments were a little easy to make because video editing comes second nature to me being a computer science major. Below are my weekly assignments, click the link to view them:





Reading Roger Ebert’s How the Read a Movie to get some basics of film analysis was great learning about. The following are part of Tony Zhou’s great series, Every Frame a Painting in which he analyzes details of film making was worth watching and observing how films work.

An interesting point about all of these is that they are about design. The technique these directors use are phenomenal.


Week 5….Off to Sail.

This week was entertaining and eventful! I enjoyed a lot learning about movie titles and the creativeness that comes with graphic designs. First, starting off with the daily creates. I did three of them. Here are the links:


Next, I thought it was very insightful on the information I learned about Bengiuat’s and Vigenill’s career. I feel they are both great graphic designer’s and have both culturally impacted today’s world. The are icons in the making. If you would like to read on my reflection on both artist’s careers, feel free. Here is the link: (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/if-you-can-design-one-thing-you-can-design-everything-massimo-vignelli/) Also, here is the link to my reflection on Kleon’s booklet, “Show Your Work!”:


Moving on to the assignment back. I had a fun time working with the different tools of editing. I used Fotoflexer.com for the most part to design my photos and designs. I found it pretty easy to use. I concluded with 12 stars with 4 assignments. Check out my unique designs I chose to create:




4. (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/long-distance-relationship/)

Lastly, my DesignBlitz! I found this assignment was fairly easy. I enjoyed picking pictures from the Stanton Library of Posters and Ad’s that came across my eye. I downloaded the pictures off my iPhone and shared them to Flickr. Check out my designblitz: (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/designblitz-ready-set-go/)

As far as Commenting, I left a couple comments on some ds 106 users’ blogs and received a lot of comments from various people, Matt Froelick, Emily Adkins.

“Week 4″…Is in the Books!

One word, Wow! I didn’t know how much I can learn so much in a week. This week’s work was a blast. I enjoyed the audio work I published. I was creative and learning about audio storytelling was exciting. Definitely the best week of ds106 work to learn about. Lets talk about my journey of work this week. First, starting out with the articles and Audio Resource Page. I learned a lot about the different layering of sounds, background music and effects that deals with audio storytelling. Check out my reflection about Audio Storytelling and what it means to me; (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/what-is-audio-storytelling/). Next, my favorite task of the week, Daily Creates! I always enjoy these assignments as it pushes you to be creative and critically think about topics that are posted. Here are my 3 daily creates:

  1. (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/caption-this/)
  2. (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/whats-your-favorite-planet/)
  3. (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/new-app-invention/)

Moving on, tweeting along to the Lime-town’s series of episodes was terrific! I thought that assignment gave people a chance to engage in conversation and was fun seeing what people had to say about the live stream. Here are some of my responses:




Transitioning to another one of my other favorite tasks. The Radio Bumper! I enjoyed creating my radio bumper. I tried to be unique as I could. I felt this assignment was not as difficult. Here is the link to my radio bumper: (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/the-finest-station-in-the-world-ds106radio/)

Moving on to the assignment bank, I created three Weekly Assignments. First, the sound effect story. Here is the link to that: (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/sound-effect-story-beware-if-not-aware/).  I found it clever to use my sound effects of off FreeSound.org. They provide some electric effects that will make you jump out of your seat.  This assignment resulted in 4.5 stars. Secondly, the sounds of my day that included all the sounds throughout my regular day. By doing this assignment allows insight of my personal surroundings and noises. Here is the link to check it out: (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/in-the-sounds-of-life-of-mark-madison/). This assignments equaled up to 3.5 stars. Transitioning to my last task, The Radio Bumper! I enjoyed creating my radio bumper. I tried to be unique as I could. I felt this assignment was not as difficult being a radio host. Here is the link to my radio bumper: (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/the-finest-station-in-the-world-ds106radio/) Lastly, my own introductory Limetown Crime story. This audio assignment allowed me to create my own backstory of a victim who calls the police for assistance. This assignment resulted in 4.5 stars. Check out my story here: (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/please-someone-call-the-police-now/)

Wrapping up with this week’s work I ended with a brainstorm of ideas for the radio show I plan to produce. Here are some ideas if you are interested in knowing: (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/thinking-above-the-show/)



It’s Been A Hard Day’s Night..And I’ve been Working like A Dog..”Week 2″

This week was hectic! If I did not learn anything, one thing I did learn is that you cannot wait to long to get things done. The week goes by REALLY fast! Wow! Maybe it was because Labor Day was Monday. However, this was another successful week learning lots of information about Digital Storytelling. I want to first begin talking about the readings we had to reflect on. After reading the article, “A Logic Named Joe: The 1946 sci-fi short that nailed modern tech.” I was a little confused at first what I was reading. Therefore, I had to read it various times to understand what the main idea of the article was. The other article I found quite challenging to read was: “Web 2.0 Storytelling“. I learned about how blogs relate to diaries and how temporally structured blogging are produced. I find blogging a creative resource that lets you release your feelings and thoughts about situations. While reading this article, I annotated and commented on peoples post about the article. I like how interactive you can be using Hypothesis. Did you know that Wikis can be use in storytelling? Yes, depending on the type of collaboration, writing can be attached to media in the form of writing prompts. Next, transitioning into my favorite part of #DS106 is customizing my website and participating in the Daily Creates. Daily Creates might be my favorite thing about this class. I enjoy learning about new discoveries and challenging myself to be creative then the previous occurrence. Feel free to look at the three daily creates I responded to on twitter:

(Here’s my first create!) http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/one-touch-of-the-world/ 

(Here’s my second create!) http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/fear-is-not-real/

(Here’s my third create!) http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/one-confusing-word/ 

Lastly, the assignment bank was very interesting. My first assignment I choose to do was creating my own character: (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/kip-is-what-they-call-him/) I found that to be mind-opening. 6 stars was the max for this assignment.

My second assignment (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/a-little-motivation-for-friday-from-friday/) 2 stars was the max for this assignment.

Also, I’m looking forward to changing my theme a couple times before it looks complete.

Week One Summary

One word, Phewww! It’s been a long journey of learning #DS106 for myself. I have made many mistakes, but we are now here at the end of the first week of the fall 2016 semester. It has been enjoyable and challenging so far in digital storytelling. I’m very satisfied. This week’s experience has been harder than I thought. I had to stay up late night trying to figure out how to create blogs, making sure I did not make any unnecessary domains, and make sure I correctly download WordPress.com. One memorable experience I’ve gained so far that was significant for me was, learning how to embed media and images to my blog. This is the link to my first link to my twitter account: http://embracethegift.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=46&action=edit . It was eye-opening learning how to do such-a-thing.  I found that also to be the most challenging for me to do. Figuring out how to blog my YouTube video was awesome! I was creative in learning how to add music to the video while the video continued to play. Here is the link for my YouTube blog:  http://embracethegift.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=5&action=edit . One thing that drove me super duper crazy, was recognizing that I had to install WordPress onto my website rather than downloading WordPress and making a new domain. It frustrated me, because I could not comprehend the instructions well enough to understand what was being asked. However, when I got help at the Digital Knowledge Center the little information I needed to move forward was cleared up. Working with Flickr was fascinating and one of the easy parts of the assignment. I posted 5 pictures to my camera roll and favored all of them. I love art. Here’s the link to my Flickr blog: http://embracethegift.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=20&action=edit . As far as Soundcloud, I did not know you can record your voice on the computer and upload it to you blog. Very interesting! Here is the link to my Soundcloud blog: http://embracethegift.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=27&action=edit .  Lastly, the thing I enjoyed the most was customizing my website and having a little fun at the end, playing with the different widgets and themes. Overall, my experience was captivating. I felt like I learned plenty of tools to help me create a blog successfully.