“Are You Ready For The Final Masterpiece?”

Let me say this semester was a rollercoaster. . A lot of good memories with my classmates and fun along the way. I really enjoyed my time being apart of DS106. My advice for the new ds106 students is suggested by clicking this, here:



My final project was broken down into four elements; Visual, Audio, Design and Video. I put in a lot of time into this project and I was disappointed by the watermark it left with publishing it. I figured out you had to pay extra to remove the watermark. However, I really had a blast creating all the sound effects for the project and incorporating the different media to make it look great. I kind of feel like I over-accomplished some things.

I learned how to design better and most of my project encompassed transitioning animations and changing the style of my film. The video aspect of my project is the slideshow I created. The thing I had trouble was the most was coming up with ideas for the project. I kept changing my thoughts, so it is completely different from what I expected. I love suspense and horror movies, so I decided to tell my own story. My images were apart of my design and I incorporated different filters and overlays on the pictures.  It was difficult and a long process, but it was worth it at the end. I used Wondershare Filmora to edit my video. I used YouTube to upload and embed it. It is pretty advanced so I used all the tools to my advantage.. I hope everyone enjoys my video and best of luck to those who plan to take it next semester/year.

-Mark Madison, Signing Out



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Hello my fellow explorers, my name is Mark Madison. I do not have a nickname, other then in middle school. My favorite color is turquoise and I have two siblings. I currently attend the University of Mary Washington studying Computer Science as a sophomore. I am one of those people who cannot decide what to get at a vending machine. I like meeting new people and I hope you learn many things about me.

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