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During this point in time, I’m sure everyone has some insight on the many tragedies America has faced with police brutality from the present time and past. Everyone in the world has their own opinions about the tragedies that have gone on in today’s world and the past experiences with America. This post isn’t to isolate or degrade one’s feelings of how one feels about the dealings with police brutality.

However, if I could design one t-shirt it would state three words: “All Lives Matter”. I believe everyone should be treated equal and no persons life is greater than the next. It is important that the world knows humans are not perfect and no where in the creation of life says an individual needs to be a specific way in order to maintain oxygen throughout their body.  No person deserves to be mistreated or judged by society just because one’s color of skin, occupation, or religion is not the same as the next person.

Anyways, the photo editor site I used to create this T-shirt was Fotoflexer.com. I find Fotoflexer to be an easy source to edit, crop, and customize pictures that could use a touch up.

For this assignment, I had to designed my very own t-shirt! I found a blank t-shirt template, then added a picture and some text. It could be a joke, a pop culture reference, a movie quote, or anything else I wanted to create. The goal was just to be creative. I found this assignment to be a piece of cake!

If you would like to know how to start off with your very own customized shirt, click here: (http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/create-a-t-shirt/)

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Hello my fellow explorers, my name is Mark Madison. I do not have a nickname, other then in middle school. My favorite color is turquoise and I have two siblings. I currently attend the University of Mary Washington studying Computer Science as a sophomore. I am one of those people who cannot decide what to get at a vending machine. I like meeting new people and I hope you learn many things about me.

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