“My Daily Create Story”

There once was a young rapper named, Benny. He always had this dancing issue when every time he wore a new watch from his dad’s watch collection, he would do the “Benny Dance” (as people would described it). This dance was contagious because once a person saw this type of dance, the whole world would start doing it.  Benny wore a blue bandanna, a gold chain and blue skinny jeans. People referred to him as, “Benny with the Penny”.  Benny always competed with people for a cost of a penny. If he won the dance battle he would give away his penny.

One day, Benny came across a smoove guy named, Jimmy. Jimmy never lacked faith in his dance moves. He always moved freely and calmly in his step. He was so intimidating that when he walked into the same environment as Benny he would rip Benny’s confidence away easily. It was like stealing candy from a baby for Jimmy! Jimmy would rip Benny’s pennies from Benny like a loose belt loop.

Do you want to know what Benny did to Jimmy after he lost all his pennies? Tune in next time, for the chapter that will ruin all of your penny wishes!

To be continued….



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Hello my fellow explorers, my name is Mark Madison. I do not have a nickname, other then in middle school. My favorite color is turquoise and I have two siblings. I currently attend the University of Mary Washington studying Computer Science as a sophomore. I am one of those people who cannot decide what to get at a vending machine. I like meeting new people and I hope you learn many things about me.

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