“Think Process and Share Something Each Day”

Kleon’s book, “Show your work!” offers two purposes for his message in his book.  He announces first, “Thinking process, not product”.

Kleon’s book offers key essentials in order to getting things done effectively. Self-discipline during the process of adversity is the difference maker of achieving an end goal. Taking one day at a time and scheduling well will get you to think process and not product. The prize at the end of the race is always sweeter when you have to endure challenges and obstacles to get to the finish line. Nothing in life well make you happy if you know in your mind that you didn’t put forth effort to receive the reward.

“Share something small everyday” is another tip Kleon addresses in his book. There is way too much information to receive in only one day. It takes practice and repetition to become good at something. As my mentor would say, “If you don’t learn new information each day, then it can be considered an waste of a day”.

These two chapters relate to a design standpoint in Digital storytelling because they work well with knowing in order for something to be creative or unique it takes much discipline. Discipline is a pathway to creativity. Color, typography, balance, rhythm, proportion, unity and dominance are all concepts in making a design worth-while if one “Thinks Process and Not Product”. The time and effort an individuals puts into making something effective will always pay off at the end.


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