“Week 4″…Is in the Books!

One word, Wow! I didn’t know how much I can learn so much in a week. This week’s work was a blast. I enjoyed the audio work I published. I was creative and learning about audio storytelling was exciting. Definitely the best week of ds106 work to learn about. Lets talk about my journey of work this week. First, starting out with the articles and Audio Resource Page. I learned a lot about the different layering of sounds, background music and effects that deals with audio storytelling. Check out my reflection about Audio Storytelling and what it means to me; (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/what-is-audio-storytelling/). Next, my favorite task of the week, Daily Creates! I always enjoy these assignments as it pushes you to be creative and critically think about topics that are posted. Here are my 3 daily creates:

  1. (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/caption-this/)
  2. (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/whats-your-favorite-planet/)
  3. (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/new-app-invention/)

Moving on, tweeting along to the Lime-town’s series of episodes was terrific! I thought that assignment gave people a chance to engage in conversation and was fun seeing what people had to say about the live stream. Here are some of my responses:




Transitioning to another one of my other favorite tasks. The Radio Bumper! I enjoyed creating my radio bumper. I tried to be unique as I could. I felt this assignment was not as difficult. Here is the link to my radio bumper: (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/the-finest-station-in-the-world-ds106radio/)

Moving on to the assignment bank, I created three Weekly Assignments. First, the sound effect story. Here is the link to that: (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/sound-effect-story-beware-if-not-aware/).  I found it clever to use my sound effects of off FreeSound.org. They provide some electric effects that will make you jump out of your seat.  This assignment resulted in 4.5 stars. Secondly, the sounds of my day that included all the sounds throughout my regular day. By doing this assignment allows insight of my personal surroundings and noises. Here is the link to check it out: (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/in-the-sounds-of-life-of-mark-madison/). This assignments equaled up to 3.5 stars. Transitioning to my last task, The Radio Bumper! I enjoyed creating my radio bumper. I tried to be unique as I could. I felt this assignment was not as difficult being a radio host. Here is the link to my radio bumper: (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/the-finest-station-in-the-world-ds106radio/) Lastly, my own introductory Limetown Crime story. This audio assignment allowed me to create my own backstory of a victim who calls the police for assistance. This assignment resulted in 4.5 stars. Check out my story here: (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/please-someone-call-the-police-now/)

Wrapping up with this week’s work I ended with a brainstorm of ideas for the radio show I plan to produce. Here are some ideas if you are interested in knowing: (http://embracethegift.com/uncategorized/thinking-above-the-show/)



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Hello my fellow explorers, my name is Mark Madison. I do not have a nickname, other then in middle school. My favorite color is turquoise and I have two siblings. I currently attend the University of Mary Washington studying Computer Science as a sophomore. I am one of those people who cannot decide what to get at a vending machine. I like meeting new people and I hope you learn many things about me.

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