“What is Audio Storytelling?”

Audio storytelling is a creative way of using audio or film, to create different sounds and effects, which makes a story exciting to be broadcast about. The key importance of audio storytelling is trying to hear the layering of sounds and learning how to create a sense of place in your mind, so the audio can be more than just a recording. The way audio is used in a horror film is by its layering of sounds and special effects that drives the story or plot. Sound creates suspense and transitions the mood of the atmosphere. Emotions of the listener has to do deal with the impact of a certain sound to make them feel such a way. For example, while listening to the, “TED Radio Demo Tour” on Soundcloud.com My impression I received from listening to the demo was to the background sounds while the narrator was talking. I could imagine I was in the story itself. Imagination is a big key for success in audio storytelling. Ira Glass’s video points out some key points on the Audio Storytelling Resource Page: (http://noir106.us/audio-resources/). Glass suggests that they are two building blocks to storytelling; First, a sequence of events or actions that happen after the next, which is called an Anecdote. Secondly, recognizing why you are listening to the story, which can be called a moment of reflection.  On the Audio Storytelling Resource Page, if you scroll down below, Jad Abumrad implements some precise information on how radio creates empathy.  He explains how the lack of pictures benefits the listener by enabling co-imagination. Jad suggests that the human voice engines the interaction between the radio host and the subscriber. The connection of feelings, thoughts, and attitudes is what makes storytelling joyful.

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